The Warrior Eyeshadow Palette


    The ultimate warm and neutral eyeshadow palette-- the Warrior features a highly-wearable collection of warm golds, browns, and bronzes. This neutral eyeshadow palette is so intensely coveted, we keep selling...

    The Nubian 2 Eyeshadow Palette


    The OG beauty icon and Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, inspired our Nubian 2 Eyeshadow Palette. Featuring 12-emboldened shades of high-pigment, long-wear color. You'll unlock an entirely new world of statement-making eyeshadow...

    The Chocolates Eyeshadow Palette


    The Chocolates eyeshadow palette is ready to add a subtle dose of color to every eyeshadow look. For a perfectly flawless finish every time, make sure this luxurious eyeshadow palette--complete...

    The Berries Eyeshadow Palette


    Perfect Pop of Pink for every eyeshadow look. This iconic pink eyeshadow palette--complete with mauves, deep pinks, and perfect berry hues--is a part of your everyday makeup and beauty routine...

    The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette


    The Nudes eyeshadow palette is ready to add a subtle dose of glam to every eyeshadow look. For a perfectly flawless finish every time, make sure this iconic neutral eyeshadow...

    The Violets Eyeshadow Palettes


    The Violets purple eyeshadow palette is ready to add the perfect pop of color to every eyeshadow look. For a perfectly flawless finish every time, make sure this iconic purple...

    The Nomad Eyeshadow Palette


    In 9 stunning shades, The Nomad is the iconic eyeshadow palette featuring Fall's perfect color spectrum. From striking marigold to shimmering honey to deep merlot and more, you'll experience bold,...

    Warrior 3 Eyeshadow Palette


    The Warrior 3 Palette is eye-catching in all the right ways. Unleash your inner warrior with 9 seriously show-stopping shades--like deep emerald green, fire engine red, vibrant violet, cerulean blue--that...

    The Nubian 3 Coral Eyeshadow Palette


    Meet The Nubian 3 Coral, an ultra-flattering and seriously fierce array of peachy neutrals and muted hues that transform every eye look. This eyeshadow palette is the highly-wearable, all-day dose...

    The Warrior 2 Eyeshadow Palette


    So sultry and supremely-velvety, The Warrior II is our first all-matte eyeshadow palette. But just because this palette doesn't shimmer doesn't mean your eyeshadow looks won't shine. All 9 shades...

    The Festival Eyeshadow Palette


    Not for the faint of heart, The Festival is a bold and fiery collection of 9 stunning shades, including bold coral, show-stopping red, and glittery neutrals. High-pigment hues and a...

    The Zulu Eyeshadow Palette


    The Zulu eyeshadow palette offers our most colorful, vivid, vibrant, and vivacious shades that look great on darker skin and lighter skin tones alike. A bold, long-lasting collection of highly-pigmented...

    The Magic Mini Eyeshadow Palette


    The Magic Mini's hues were inspired by the moon and the sun, making it the perfect eyeshadow collection for all of your day-to-night looks. A beautiful mix of cool and...

    The Saharan Eyeshadow Palette


    Inspired by the vibrancy and vivaciousness of the Fulani culture, The Saharan Palette features 12 stunning shades of carefully-considered and beautifully coordinated colors that intensify every makeup look with transformative...

    The Masquerade Mini Eyeshadow Palette


    Discover the vibrant, statement-making shades from The Masquerade Mini eyeshadow palette by Juvia's Place. Full of natural earth tones and high-pigment, show-stopping pops of color, this palette will unleash your...

    The Nubian Eyeshadow Palette


    The essential nude eyeshadow palette for Dark and Light skin, and all shades in between. The Nubian is universally flattering and features a mix of velvety mattes and subtly shimmering...

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